from 11 to 20 APRIL
FONDAZIONE MONTI UNITI DI FOGGIA, via Arpi 152, Foggia curated by Rete di imprese Oltre and Apulian Guitar Startup INFO: Everyday, from 10 am to 1 pm | from 5 pm to 8 pm. Free entry
The year was 1950 when an electric guitar first appeared in a musical instrument shop – that date marked the beginning of modern music. The guitar had been manufactured by Leo Fender, the revolutionary founder of the historic Fender brand based in California. His chief innovation was creating simple and practical tools that all musicians found easy to use. The Fender factory became synonymous with quality, eclecticism and craftsmanship, and became a leader in the musical world, creating instruments still used today; it was there that the first electric guitar and the first electric bass in history were produced. The Fender Museum narrates the golden age of the Fender company by exhibiting all the models of electric instruments and amplifiers built from 1951 to 1974, the year it was sold to another company. An extraordinary journey through modern music history aimed at fans young and old – a journey of colours, scents, vibrations and emotions, even with your eyes closed. The Fender Vintage Museum is an exhibition of all solid-body string instruments and amps produced by the historic Fender Factory, collected by Flavio Camorani for the Prisma Melody Association. This project constitutes a unique opportunity – there is no other collection so complete and finely curated anywhere in the world – and represents an absolute novelty on the global artistic-cultural panorama today. The more than 100 specimens, 100% functional and ready to play, accompanied by their original cases, have been brought together thanks to over thirty years of meticulous expertise and passion, exhibited to the public with id tags in chronological and philological order with the aim to revive the sounds and emotions that accompanied an unforgettable era. Catalogues, posters, documents, memorabilia and original photographs from the period complete and add value to the Fender Vintage Museum.

Other appointments

of the Fender Vintage Museum

13 april – 5-7 pm – Presentation of the book “Our vintage soul” con Flavio Camorani e Vincenzo Atzori

19 aprile – 5-7 pm – Symposium on violin making with Vincenzo Atzori