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The exhibition “Pattie Boyd and The Beatles” tells the story of the British photographer and her relationship not only with the Beatles but also with her first 2 husbands, George Harrison and Eric Clapton, through 40 of her most iconic photographs.

Pattie was born in 1944 in Somerset, England. She grew up in Kenya and, in the early 60s, began her modelling career. Her professional breakthrough came when she accepted a role in the film A Hard Day’s Night, the first Beatles film. On the set she met George Harrison, whom she married in 1966.
Her proximity to the Beatles introduced her to the world of pop culture, which, in part, she already belonged to after working as a model for photographers such as David Bailey, one of the most important photographers of Swinging London. After appearing on the covers of the most famous magazines in the world, Pattie Boyd got behind the camera and began shooting the protagonists of her non-ordinary life, becoming in a few years one of the most important witnesses of the astounding rise not only of the Beatles, but also of British culture from the end of the 1960s onwards.
She photographed all the main figures of the music scene, but it is above all the private part of her life that has given us moments and memories that cannot be found in any biography or photographic book. Whether she was travelling to Scotland with George or touring the United States, Pattie captured the moment with a melancholy but truthful look at the world.
Noteworthy are the extraordinary images taken at Rishikech, when not only the Beatles but much of the world cultural scene of the late 60s went in search of inner peace. George’s interest in India and his obsession with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi leads him away from Pattie and they get divorced. In 1979 she married Eric Clapton, whom she had met thanks to George, and a few shots are on exhibit here.

Boyd’s photographic works, which span more than 30 years, have been exhibited in Dublin, Sydney, Toronto, Moscow, London, and throughout the United States, and for the first time, within a museum, in Italy.