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Franco126, real name Federico Bertollini, is a Roman songwriter.
One hundred and twenty-six like the steps of Viale Glorioso in Trastevere, already dear to Sergio Leone and the meeting point of Franco’s historic crew. His rapping writing crosses into singer-songwriting with a distinct ability to focus on reality and emotions. The vaguely retro style runs in parallel with a rough and truthful vocal timbre, a perfect bitter sweet contrast capable of embracing the heart. “Polaroid”, published in 2017 was his debut album with Carl Brave. A real record success that strongly emerged from the web’s word of mouth and entered the charts not only on a permanent basis, hitting the Golden Record, but also and above all to leave its mark on our contemporary collective consciousness. A new sound, fresh and engaging that has conquered the whole of Italy thanks to dozens of sold-out concerts scored between May 2017 and September 2018.
In October 2018 Franco126 debuted with his first solo single “Frigobar”, a song produced by Stefano Ceri with a timeless sound and melancholic atmospheres (https://youtu.be/EW9JJQt9w90). The artistic collaboration with Ceri has been the right starting point for the production of Franco126’s first solo album entitled “Stanza Singola”, released on January 25, 2019.

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