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James Senese, saxophonist, in 1966 together with his friend Franco Del Prete and with Mario Musella founded THE SHOWMEN, the group that will establish James Senese’s formidable sound on the Italian music scene. In love with Coltrane and Davis, James felt the need to create something new culminating with NAPOLI CENTRALE, a fusion of jazz/rock, mixed with popular Neapolitan music. In the following years James performed before his public with Pino Daniele, soloist and then again with NAPOLI CENTRALE, a band that is currently active.
Two years after the beautiful O’Sanghe (Targa Tenco 2017 for the Best Album in vernacular language), and after more than 200 concerts that have taken him on a journey around Italy and Europe, the Neapolitan artist releases the double live CD “”ASPETTANNO ‘O TIEMPO”. This double live CD established James Senese’s formidable sound on the Italian music scene, one of the greatest Italian musicians of the last 50 years. This live music contains his whole musical world, wide and cross-cutting his entire music experience from THE SHOWMEN to NAPOLI CENTRALE, to collaborations with his friend Pino Daniele. Today James Senese, 75, still dictates the musical line to the new generations of Neapolitan musicians. Everything that from the end of the sixties to today has passed through the narrow alleys of Naples owes him something. On stage the exceptional band that is the heart of Napoli Centrale: ERNESTO VITOLO, keyboards, GIGI DE RIENZO, bass, AGOSTINO MARANGOLO, drums, highly skilled companions, who are the same band – including Senese – who made a masterpiece of the album “Nero a metà” by Pino Daniele.


Gaetano (James) Senese: Cantante/Sax
Luigi De Rienzo: Basso
Agostino Marangolo: Batteria
Ernesto Vitolo: Tastiere
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