Rotonda del Lungomare Vittorio Emanuele III
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Giulia Migliore, born in 1994, began to approach music when she was very young, at the age of 8. She did so by first cultivating her strong passion for the piano and then refining her amazing singing skills and remarkable emotional expressiveness. At the age of 10, her encounter with the world of the Beatles, of the Anglo-Saxon music and that of Edith Piaf’s Jazz.
During her adolescence she became involved in electronic music, falling in love in particular with the eclectic rhythms of artists such as Giorgio Moroder and New Order.
She then began to perform with some small local bands, mainly in the Salento area. Over the years, her growing artistic horizon led her to experiment with increasingly intimistic performances, until her solo career got started. In so doing, she approached more electronic sounds, especially those on the international scene, such as Bonobo and Moderat. Thanks to some videos posted on her social channels, Julielle was noticed by some of the most influential producers on the Italian scene. This led to a collaboration with the Salento record label “La Rivolta Records” and producer GodBlessComputers. On April 2 she released her debut single: “TOYS” (2019, La Rivolta Records / Believe).
In May an EP will be released, Giulia has worked on the tracks alongside artists of international renown, such as the Inude and Popoulus, in addition to the aforementioned GodBlessComputers.
Julielle’s musical project embodies the soul of European musical avant-garde. Her highest artistic expression will be staged in her live show where she will be accompanied by various Sinth and a series of electronic instruments and hypnotic and bewitching sound sequences; in addition to this modern part, the live show will be enhanced by a more classical part with acoustic drums, guitar and bass. On this occasion, the INUDE (a band now established on the European electro music scene) will support the show by managing checks for electronics, while LE SCIMMIE SULLA LUNA, another emerging and rapidly rising reality of the Salento musical avant-garde, will be the show backing instrumental band.


Giulia Migliore: Voce
Luca Greco: Electronic Pad, Batteria
Floriana Provenzano: Piano
Giacomo Greco: Sinth & Programming
Flavio Paglialunga: Sinth & Programming
Cristiano Metrangolo: Chitarra
Jory Stifani: Chitarra, Sinth
Stefano Greco: Basso
Further information
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