9 JUNE 20:30
Rotonda del Lungomare Vittorio Emanuele III TARANTO, TA
Opening act Patti Smith. Presales on


Six friends from the very far Salento, grown up together playing and singing since childhood the melodies and hypnotic rhythms of the magical ritual of the Taranta, reinvent the tradition in a wild and powerful mix of massive doses of electronics and lysergic beats with original melodies and the folk atmospheres of their origins. The latest album produced is “K” (2018). It moves the centre of gravity even further through an unconventional approach, away from any comfort zone; Salento dialect, English and Griko create an imaginary bridge between Apulian music and the international scene. The live set of Kalàscima is energetic and embraces traditional and rare instruments (bagpipe, charamels, launeddas, tambourine, accordion, irish bouzouki) and modern instruments (laptops, loop machines and synthesizers) for a completely original sound, which, while remaining tied to tradition, yakes on a contemporary and urban international dimension. The ancient that meets the modern with original and explosive results. Kalascima are conquering audiences all over the world with their groove: their sound has propelled them on the world scene and brought them to play in festivals and music conferences like Sao Paulo International Music Week (Brazil), Folk Alliance International Conference (USA), Tallin Music Week (Estonia), SXSW (USA), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Mundial Montreal (Canada), Colours of Ostrava (Rep. Czech), Babel Med (France), Fira Mediterrania de Manresa (Spain), Australasian World Music Expo (Australia), and many others gaining the favor of critics and an enthusiastic fan base. Concerts in Australia (2012 and 2013), Japan, China, South Korea, India, Ecuador, USA, Israel, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia have established their international reputation. Kalascima’s music and live shows have been broadcast by some of the most important international radio networks, including ABC Australia (AU), RTHK (Hong Kong), WDR (DE), RTBF (BE), RSI (CH), Radio 3 RAI (IT).
The live set of Kalàscima is explosive and embraces typically popular and rare instruments (bagpipe, charamels, duduk, low whistle, tambourine, mandolin, irish bouzouki) alongside contemporary instruments (laptop, sequencer) for a completely original sound, which while remaining linked to Southern Italy opens itself to contemporary music and takes on an international scope: an interpretation of popular music that combines the sounds of Salento music with electronics. The show “K tour 2019”, that includes a selection from the repertoire of the Apulian group, is named after the latest album published by the band, “K”, a perfect synthesis of a dialect, griko, Salento tradition and electronic sounds with a rock and roll and modern approach, another distinctive trait of Kalàscima. The new show marks a step forward in the continuous search for a new sound, a further step for a group that redesign tradition through urban and contemporary sounds. The show also relies on the extraordinary ability of the band to hold the stage and involve the audience in a big party with a solid rhythmic base in which the patterns of electronics blend with the drums flowing between Pizzica and jungle rhythms: a bold and totally open mix with distortions and psychedelia. Michele D’Elia’s entry into the live line up (on electronics) marks a more pronounced attitude on the part of the band towards an increasingly free and bold use of electronics on a perfect integration with their sound.


Riccardo Lagana’: Musicista/percussioni e voce Massimiliano De Marco: Musicista/bouzuki, chitarra e voce Luca Buccarella: Musicista/organetto e voce Federico Lagana’: Musicista/percussioni, pad e voce Riccardo Matias: Olmo Tony D’ELIA Musicista/live electronics Aldo Iezza: Musicista/strumenti a fiato e voce
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