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The brothers Carmine and Isabella Tundo are the beating heart of crepuscular pop music band La Municipàl. Carmine began to write songs as a child. When he was only twenty, his solo project “Romeus” came to the attention of world-renowned producer Corrado Rustici who produced their first album supported by Caterina Caselli. A collaboration with Sugar was established that was to result in the release of the debut album of Carmine who won Sanremolab and gained access to Sanremo Giovani 2010, where he sings “Come l’autunno”. Absolute winner of the XXII edition of Musicultura with “Caviglie stanche”, Carmine also won the Critics’ Award. At the end of 2013 the project La Municipàl was born, which saw Carmine join his sister Isabella Tundo and start a path of growth that will lead the two, on May 27, 2016, to the release of “Our Lost Wars” debut album of La Municipàl.
The album was met with great interest by the public and the press, becoming, in a very short time, one of the jewels of the crown of the Italian independent scene. In 2018 La Municipàl wins the 1M NEXT, the contest of the Concerto del Primo Maggio and signs a recording contract with iCompany. Starting from June 2018 a series of new songs + videos were released and promoted: “I Mondiali del ’18” (June 2018), “Italian Polaroid”, “I Mondiali del ’18” (June 2018). (July 2018), “Mercurio Cromo” (September 2018), “Discografica Milano” (October 2018), “Punk Ipa” (December 2018). The new songs attract a wide audience of audio/video streaming platform users thus making La Municipàl one of the most relevant realities of the current national music scene.


This live show follows the release of the second album of La Municipàl: Bellissimi Difetti (29.03.2019 – iCompany). Bellissimi Difetti is an emotional, turbulent and passionate journey towards the rediscovery of oneself, like when we stand in front of a mirror analysing our own reflection from a new point of view, embracing and no longer demonising those feared imperfections.
A new maturity is achieved, according to which defects are only beautiful peculiarities that make us unique. Much as in the Japanese practice of kintsugi, an imperfection can give rise to an even better form of aesthetic and inner perfection. Our skin stretch marks become trenches in which to take refuge and a mole or a scar on the mouth are defects turned into virtues. Acceptance of one’s imperfections is a process of growth that leads us to feel better with others and to affirm our identity in a world that requires more and more depersonalized and standardized. Bellissimi Difetti is a record full of flaws, which comes closer to the live dimension of the band, a more energetic work than the previous one but with tunes as sweet as ballads.


Carmine Tundo: Voce, Basso, Chitarra Acustica
Isabella Tundo: Voce, Tastiera, Percussioni
Roberto Mangialardo: Chitarra Elettrica
Alberto Manco: Batteria
Raffaele Quarta: Chitarra Elettrica, Cori

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