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Groupie, ragazze a perdere
di Barbara Tomasino (Odoya, 2019)

Opening with a reading of Erika Grillo and Altea Chionna

In the world of rock, sex has always been the greatest source of inspiration and regeneration during the endless and exhausting tours as well as in the tiring days spent in recording rooms. This is where the groupies, girls following the band of which they are passionate fans, come into play. A bit like Alice(s) in Wonderland, a bit like prostitutes, lovers, wives, mothers, inspiring muses of “their” rock star, groupies are beautiful nomadic teenagers lost behind an Oedipal dream, sacrificial victims of the rock star-system but also aesthetic and cultural models, symbols of the sexual revolution that marked the culture of those years, with Woodstock being its culminating point.
Born in Palermo, she has been working in Rome for years as an author, speaker and correspondent for Rai (Radio and Television). Through her books, exhibitions and events she investigates the phenomena of youth culture linked to the history of rock music (just to name a few, Groupie – Ragazze a perdere, L’Epos 2003, and Devendra Banhart(ist), in Sound and Vision, edited by Luca Beatrice, 2006). She has collaborated with several newspapers as a literary and musical critic, including Rumore, Mia Magazine, Rolling Stone and currently writes for the newspaper Libero, the magazine Classic Rock and the literary site Satisfiction. She has many unhealthy passions, including – in no particular order – Al Pacino, Phil Spector, the groupies, the Rolling Stones and Robert Aldrich’s films. In her free time she enjoys performing as a DJ with Eva Falomi under the brand name Barbarella & Eva Kant.

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