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Francesco Motta is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and author. Thanks to the presence of a piano at home, he approached music and started playing at a very young age. Born in Pisa from parents from Livorno, he now lives in Rome where he has played and written music and has dabbled as a sound engineer for many bands, until he created his own in 2006, the Criminal Jokers, a punk-new wave band, where he is lyricist, singer and drummer.

With this band he released two records. In 2009 “This was supposed to be the future”, produced by Andrea Appino, leader of Zen Circus; in 2012 it’s the turn of “Bestie”, his first record in Italian.
During this same period, between one record project and another, he collaborated with the most important artists of the alternative music scene: Nada (with whom he plays bass, guitar, keyboards and chorus), Pan Del Diavolo (drums and tour for the tour of “Folkrockaboom”), Zen Circus (sound engineer for the tour ” Andate tutti fanculo”) and Giovanni Truppi (guitar and keyboard).

A film lover, in 2013 he decided to bring together his two passions, cinema and music, attending the Film Composition Course at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, under the artistic direction of Ludovic Bource (Oscar winner in 2012 for the soundtrack of The Artist).
Then he started to compose soundtracks: “Pororoca” (2013) by Martina Di Tommaso, “Dollhouse” (2014, Canada) by Edward Balli, “THE Tell Tale Heart” (2014, England) by Andy Kelleher and the documentary by Simone Manetti “Good bye darling I’m off to fight” (2016).

From that moment on the combination of images and music will remain a regular feature of his compositions and his stylistic trait with which he started writing and thinking of his first solo album: “La Fine Dei Vent’anni”, released on March 18, 2016 by Woodworm Label.
The album, for which he wrote lyrics, composed music and took care of arrangements, saw the collaboration of several artists. First of all Riccardo Sinigallia, who was its artistic producer, in addition to having collaborated in the writing of lyrics. Alessandro Alosi from Il Pan Del Diavolo, Cesare Petulicchio from Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, Giorgio Canali and Andrea Ruggiero also collaborated with him for the same album.

From the very beginning, the project was very well received by the public and critics alike. “La fine dei vent’anni” is reviewed by the main national newspapers (Venerdì di Repubblica, Sette de Il Corriere della Sera, L’Espresso, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Internazionale, La Stampa, L’Unità, Il Manifesto, and by all the specialized magazines). The first two singles from the album, “La fine dei vent’anni” and “Sei bella davvero”, are broadcast by over one hundred radio stations across the country, including Radio 1 and Radio 2.
The tour, which started in April 2016, covered in a few months the entire country with more than 50 dates attracting important audiences. Motta is headliner of the major Italian alternative festivals: MIAMI, Siren Fest in Vasto, Sherwood Festival, Indiegeno Festival and TOdays festival in Turin.
In June 2016 Sugar signed an exclusive recording and publishing agreement with Motta.

At the end of 2016 he received two important awards. In September he was awarded by MEI with the Special PIMI Award for Best Debut Album and, on October 20, he received, at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, the prestigious TARGA TENCO for Best Debut Work.
The winter tour for the presentation of the album continued with new dates in the clubs almost always with sold outs, and ended on April 1, 2017 with a sold out concert at Alcatraz in Milan.

After important events, including the participation in the Concerto del Primo Maggio (May 1st Concert) in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, the Biografilm Festival in Bologna and the Festival “Villa Ada incontra il mondo”, Motta starts the writing and pre-production work for his new record.
Motta’s new album, “Vivere o Morire” published by Sugar, was released on April 6, 2018.
The publication of the record was preceded by two releases: at the end of January 2018 the video of “Ed è quasi come essere felice”, the first unpublished content of the new work, and, on March 9, “La nostra ultima canzone” (Gold Certificate) the first single from the album was released on radio stations and immediately ranked first o n Spotify’s Viral 50 Italia.
“Vivere o Morire” ranked directly in fifth place in the record charts and first of the best-selling vinyls in Italy (distributed by GfK Italia/FIMI).
At the end of June “Quello che siamo diventati”, the second single from “Vivere o Morire”, was released.
Before the start in July of ” Motta live 2018 “, the new tour organized by Trident Music, Motta returned live in May with four events in Rome (ATLANTICO), Bologna (ESTRAGON), Florence (OBIHALL) and Milan (ALCATRAZ).

In October Motta received the prestigious Targa Tenco 2018 for the Disco in assoluto category. For the first time in the history of the event, an artist received two awards for his first two albums. A great recognition for the young singer-songwriter from Tuscany, for his great talent, personality, and determination to be an active player of the music scene. In November 2018 his new single “Chissà dove sarai” was released and Motta held a mini tour of four sold out dates together with “Les Filles des Illighadad”, a band of women from a small village in Niger. The tour, a genuine emotional musical journey, will not be repeated elsewhere.
At the Festival of Sanremo 2019 Motta presented “Dove’è l’Italia”, a piece inspired by an urgent need to express the sense of bewilderment of the artisy before what is happening today in his country and the fear that we may lose the principles of humanity and civilization that should be the founding pillars of a possible coexistence. On Friday evening, Motta and Nada won the Best Duet Award at the Festival. “Dove’è l’Italia” was released for Sugar on all digital platforms and on 45 rpm vinyl.

On May 25th, Motta’s new tour “TRA CHI VINCE E CHI PERDE”, named after some of the words of “Dov’è l’Italia will start in Milan. With this new Tour, Motta will be performing this summer in the most important music festivals of Italy and present a new live set, in which thanks to his hard work he will be able to hold the viewers’ hands and take them into brand new landscapes where to listen to his music.

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