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Pros and cons on playlisting
with Peter Åstedt (COO Musichelp / Booker Int Live at Heart, Trosa, Svezia)
Here is a crash course on how to get playlisted. Some background how playlisting was done over the past ten years and how it has developed. Also, information what you actually can expect of a massive placement and not expect.

Peter Åstedt

Peter Åstedt has been working in the music industry for over 30 years. He started his own record label, Dead Frog Records, at the age of fifteen in 1990. Over the years he has started several companies in different fields in the music industry like, PR, Publishing, Distribution, Sync placements, Management, Festivals and Artist Development. Today he oversees several of the departments on Musichelp which is an umbrella company of several different companies in the music industry.


Musichelp is a music company that holds several other companies in an umbrella structure. One is Live at Heart (4 to 7 of September 2019, Music Genres: all) which is Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festival.

Live at Heart

Next edition: 4-7 September
Music genres: All

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Free on registration
English workshop
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