8 JUNE — 10:30-11:00
UNIBA Polo Universitario di Taranto
via Duomo 258 – TARANTO, TA
Opening of the works


SYNC LAB — Opening of the works
with the participation of Puglia Sounds, Funder35, Future Music Forum
Organized by NODE
NODE brings 4 workshops dedicated to music industry professionals to Medimex. A legal workshop, two listening sessions and feedback and one of a technological nature. Each workshop is reserved for a maximum of 12 people. For the two sessions of Listening and Feedback 6 participants per session are allowed. Three of these will take place in English.
NODE is a Hub intended to support and develop creativity in the field of music. The name NODE, from the Latin nodus, refers to creating networks and meeting points between realities otherwise distant. Since its foundation in 2013, which was possible because the project was one of the winners of the Puglia Region “Principi Attivi” Call and continued with the support of Fondazione Cariplo’s Funder35 award, NODE has been committed to bringing the Italian market closer to foreign markets at all levels, benefiting from the same structural investments currently being made available to the music sector as well as from the EU-wide harmonisation policies.
Free on registration
English workshop

The workshop is on selection. Once registration is complete, send your CV to info@no-de.org and indicate the workshop you registered for.

Juridical workshop

SYNC LAB — The Music synchronization contract
with Marco Barbone, lawyer

Listening session and feedback

SYNC LAB — Composing music for TV, Ads and videogames
with Sergio Pimentel (Ninja Tune, Senior Creative), Duncan Smith (Sony Interactive Entertainment, Senior Music Supervisor) and Bonnie Reilly (Vice Media, Music Supervisor)

Technological workshop

SYNC LAB — Music and Artificial Intelligence
with Cliff Fluet (Lewis Silkin, Partner) and Tamer Rashad (Humtap, CEO)

Registration open until May 30th

Further information
info@medimex.it — 0039-080 5243000
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