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The WOODSTOCK SPECIAL PROJECT BAND is composed of the Bari group THE GOOD OLE BOYS accompanied by Apulian artists of national renown. “The Good Ole Boys” is a r’n’r band active for more than 15 years now, which has revived the spirit of the 50s / 60s in hundreds of shows throughout Italy as well as in events and festivals including the concert of the late Sharon Jones in the 2012 edition of “L’Acqua in Testa”. The guests for the event specially designed for Medimex 2019 will be: Nabil, voice of “Radiodervish”, a historic group of world music with more than twenty years of experience on stages around the world; Erica Mou, singer-songwriter from Puglia, who has been active on the national scene for years; Giò Sada, singer and author from Bari, winner of the 2015 edition of X-Factor, a former frontman of various rock groups with whom he has toured Europe, and with a very busy agenda of recordings and tours.
This event celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the event that accounts for a turning point and a watershed in redefining the values of contemporary music, with a more general fallout on the artistic and social values of those years.
The WOODSTOCK SPECIAL PROJECT BAND, composed by the group from Bari, The Good Ole Boys with the support of valuable collaborations, performs a portion of the music played in those three days of ’69. Through songs that have become classics of the music of our times (Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Who, Joe Cocker), the band will perform a selection of pieces specially created for Medimex 2019 to take us on a journey through the myths of rock music and the legends of those years.
The WSPB brings together elements of various local bands supported by guests, always from Puglia, of a national renown such as Giò Sada, Nabil and Erica Mou. The project has already seen its successful debut with three dates in 2009 gathering over three thousand people. The aim of the show is above all the dissemination of those values of solidarity and respect, of that “peace & love”, perhaps too often taken for granted in the last fifty years of human history.
The WSPB concert is expected to attract a large number of concert goers thanks to the symbolic and social value of the project and to the audience multiplier effect of the presence of nationally renowned Puglia guests, each with his/her own audience of music lovers and fans.


Nicola Quarto: Chitarra/Voce
Simone Martorana: Chitarra/Voce
Nicola Deliso: Batteria
Valeria Quarto: Voce
Giovanni Astorino: Basso
Gaetano Camporeale: Tastiera
Cesare Pastanella: percussioni
Mariella Ranieri: voce
Erica Mou: Voce
Filomena De Leo: Voce
Giò Sada: Voce
Nabil Bey: Voce
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