Puglia Sounds Plus

25 May 2020

Puglia Sounds launches i) a line of action to support and relaunch the music sector through new open calls addressed to artists, music operators and companies and ii) the first digital music conference.

MEDIMEX D will be held from 3 to 21 June with workshops, talks on professional issues, webinars with many guests including Tommaso Paradiso, Ghemon, Francesco Sarcina and Riccardo Zanotti, Andrea Rosi, Claudio Ferrante, Clemente Zard, Chiara Santoro, Massimo Bonelli, Giovanni Canitano, Marc Urselli, Claudio Simonetti, Martin Goldschmidt, Raffaele Casarano and Roberto Ottaviano.

Puglia Sounds launches “Puglia Sounds Plus”, an important line of action to support the regional music sector that has recently been put to the test by the health emergency. The initiative is part of a broader strategy called “Custodiamo la Cultura” (Cultural Heritage Stewardship) whereby the Puglia Region is supporting the tourism and culture supply chains. The set of activities envisaged by Puglia Sounds Plus promoted by Puglia Sounds, -the program of the Puglia Region for the development of the regional music system implemented by the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese-, includes new open calls for proposals involving investments totaling 1.5 million Euros destined to support music production and programming operations, as well as and the organization of Medimex D, the first international digital music conference scheduled from 3 to 21 June. With actions structured for the two-year period 2020/2021 and addressed to musicians, music operators and music companies, Puglia Sounds Plus proposes a nation-wide project to relaunch the music industry with a special focus on music production, programming, innovation, streamlining, training and experience sharing sessions.

After launching this emergency plan for Culture and Tourism, we are now specifically addressing the crisis of the Puglia music sector with a series of initiatives aimed at supporting Puglia music industry operations – Puglia Region President Michele Emiliano said Michele Emiliano – with Puglia Sounds Plus the Puglia Region is investing 1.5 million Euros on the relaunch of the activities of musicians and music operators with the aim of guiding them to get through the critical recovery phase”.

“The all important music industry is being distressingly hit as is the case for the whole sector of culture. The Region is at the side of all the Puglia artists and operators. Indeed, this is an extremely important sector for Puglia, a sector that has not only shown great professionalism and a high level of competence. What is more, over the last few years the Puglia music industry, supported by several regional stimulus packages, has grown a lot in terms of both employment and business infrastructure” Regional Minister Loredana Capone stated- -. During the health emergency, in a concerted action with the trade associations in question, we have put in place a series of tools and a special apt plan to support operators in maintaining and relaunching their activities. And now that everything seems to be starting again – she added – we are challenged to reinvent ourselves, to experiment with new forms of enjoyment and participation. And Medimex is to us our metamorphosis towards the new post-Covid19 normality. First of all, it was our intention to turn this event into a unique opportunity to discuss the evolution of the world of music. Medimex D, this is how the 2020 edition is called, will be held from 3 to 21 June, a series of on-line meetings across the the regional, national and international music landscapes to discuss about the present and the future and find together the best solutions for the Puglia music and culture sectors. At the same time we are working at new open calls to support the operations of the supply chain of these sectors: calls for music productions and programming. In other words, it will be a radically different, tough summer, but no one will be left behind”.

Over the past few weeks we have been working to tackle the serious crisis that has si badly hit the world of culture. We have been doing together with Government of Puglia Region to support all the playes of the regional artistic and cultural sector – President of the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese Giuseppe D’Urso says – Puglia Sounds Plus is our first response to the music industry: on the one hand we are working at calls for proposals to support business operations and make available new economic resources, and on the other hand, with Medimex D, we are creating a platform for discussion, dialogue and training in the hope of being able to meet again soon at the right venues for live performances”.

“Puglia Sounds Plus got started last March when it became clear that the 2020 edition of Medimex would not be held, and that’s when the idea of the Medimex D was born and thought of as a table for discussion on the most important international issues: from streaming, to the future of the music industry, from communication at the time of Covid 19, to the social networks alongside the music trade schools with the advanced musicarium for professionals, In short, a showcase that makes Medimex D the first all-digital international conference on music – artistic coordinator of Puglia Sounds/Medimex Cesare Veronico says- One thing we care a lot about is discussing with the music professionals on the Puglia Sounds Plus project – an event on the agenda of Medimex D – where we will present the by now well-established calls for proposals, but also innovative ideas to get a feedback from the Puglia music productive fabric. The project has not been finalized from the economic point of view, there are still funds available if the operators come up with new interesting ideas, only then the Puglia Sounds Plus project will be considered to be definitive”.

The new open calls for proposals will be published in the pugliasounds.it website in the coming weeks. These calls have been designed to address the new complex scenario of this sector and to support, with an innovative approach and streamlined procedures, the production and programming of music which are key elements for the relaunch of the sector. The issue of production is covered by Puglia Sounds Record, the well-established call for proposals that supports the creation of new record productions with a few new features, and by an innovative call for proposals that encourages new multimedia productions with no physical products to sell that also intended to favour co-productions. But music programming, the real challenge of the coming months, will be covered by four new open calls – which will comply with national and regional directives – to support the programming of concerts in Puglia, Italy and abroad and to assist the sector during the Summer 2020 transition phase with a broader outlook that will be extended through 2021. Three of these four calls are designed to encourage the programming of live shows in Puglia. The first call is aimed at defining a Summer calendar with a schedule strongly linked to the regional economic and social situation, and to the themes that question humankind in this period of change. The second call will lead to the establishment of a regional circuit of venues dedicated to music and to the organization of tours in Puglia. The third call is intended to promote the programming of concerts celebrating the music from Puglia in Italy. The fourth call, Puglia Sounds Export, dedicated to the circulation abroad of projects for the dissemination of Puglia music culture, an initiative that over the past few years has already supported more than one thousand concerts around the world. This call will be published when and whether the circumstances will allow to do so. All calls for proposals will be available in a streamlined and digitalized format through PUGLIA DMS, the Digital Managent System of the Puglia Region that provides for online procedures, from publications to financial reporting. Detailed information on the above open calls will soon be available on pugliasounds.it and will be publicized through all the news channels of Puglia Sounds.

Experience sharing and training are the keywords of Medimex Dthe first international digital music conference scheduled from 3 to 21 June 2020 on the web channels of Medimex and Puglia Sounds with workshops, talks on professional issues, webinars, Puglia Sounds Musicarium (lifelong learning for musicians, producers, managers and communicators) and a special rock lesson dedicated to the Apulian music. Medimex D offers an important opportunity for online discussion, in-depth analysis and development of essential issues regarding the present and future of the music scene with the participation of important and renowned guests, including Tommaso Paradiso, Ghemon, Francesco Sarcina (Le Vibrazioni), Riccardo Zanotti (Pinguini Tattici Nucleari), Andrea Rosi (Presidente Sony Music Italia), Claudio Ferrante (Presidente Artist First), Clemente Zard (Vivo Concerti), Massimo Bonelli, Chiara Santoro (Google Italia), Giovanni Canitano, Marc Urselli, Claudio Simonetti, Martin Goldschmidt, Raffaele Casarano and Roberto Ottaviano.

Puglia Sounds è il programma della Regione Puglia per lo sviluppo del sistema musicale regionale attuato con il Teatro Pubblico Pugliese nell’ambito del Fondo di Sviluppo e di Coesione 2014-2020 – Patto per la Puglia Area di Intervento IV “Turismo, cultura e valorizzazione delle risorse naturali.