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Musician in the digital age

Mindset, tools and strategies to grow a music career in today’s music scene

8_9_10 June 15:00_16:30


Massimo Bonelli


  • Total duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes;
  • Webinar on Zoom

May 31 update: registrations have closed because the number of registrations has run out of class availability.



Massimo Bonelli, artistic director of the Concerto del Primo Maggio in Rome and Inventor and Coordinator of Casa SIAE at the Sanremo Festival, tackles the issue of being a musician in this increasingly digital age. Getting spotted by the media requires new skill nowadays. The digital revolution has rewritten the rules of the music market but, very often, artists and operators are still linked to outdated dynamics and working methods. By applyimg the key concepts of marketing to the music world, Bonelli offers an innovative and somehow revolutionary working method to would-be artists on their road to success. A collection of strategies and suggestions for both emerging young artists and musicians with more experience who want to reinvent their careers to keep up with the times.