Virtual worlds and physical worlds colliding Communication under the spell of an emergency

8 June 11:30_13:00


Georgia Taglietti (digital communication & international pr)


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Quoting a great journalist Cherie Hu: “…some of the best music livestreams I’ve seen use the format as a mode of communication, not performance. Of course a lot of performances communicate something… but you can communicate without performing and still be memorable and deliver value.”

In these dystopian and utopian times, communication is more important than ever. But we all ask each other how, when and where. In this talk we are going to break down the innovative shapes of the communication channels of the Covid era.


Georgia Taglietti

Born in Brescia, Italy in 1965. Working for Advanced Music / Sónar from 1995. As the Communications & Digital Director she develops and implement the brand message across all communication channels specially on the social networks and international level as well as developing an effective PR & marketing strategy. As the Head of International Media she expands and cultivates relationships with all international key media assets and strategic contacts where appropriate, as well as control, design and manage the agreed PR & media year plan. During the years, Georgia has been participating as guest lecturer and speaker to various events worldwide as spokesperson of the company and she is also teaching digital communication and marketing in various master courses for universities and schools in Europe. She is the director of the Barcelona headquarters of the international community of women in the music industry shesaid.so, of which she is also a member of the board of directors.

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