Taranto, 15 - 19 September

Medimex is back in Taranto and online, from 15 to 19 September 2021. The International Festival & Music Conference, promoted by Puglia Sounds, the Puglia Region programme for the development of the regional music system implemented by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, took place with a busy programme of showcases, Meet the Author gatherings, exhibitions, professional activities, music schools, films and presentations. A hybrid edition, with in-person and streamed events, all having “change” as their main theme.

More than 50 events, hundreds of guests and artists, including Ligabue, Malika Ayane, Gaia, Aiello, Coma_Cose. The events were in part streamed live events and in part in-person events taking place at different venues: the University of Taranto, Teatro Fusco, Castello Aragonese, Conservatorio G. Paisiello and Spazioporto. And for music operators, an entire platform was available to favour networking activity at

More than fifty Medimex events open, free and usable in person and online. In the program, numerous events dedicated to music professionals, training, music lovers.

A 3-day event, a total of 18 hours, organized in collaboration with Sugar Music Publishing and Serpenti consulting service with the participation of 18 young people (born from 1990 onwards) who were admitted through a selection process. The participants worked in very close contact with their tutors, in a 1 to 2 ratio, with a special focus on two macroareas: one for producers and one focused on topline (or melody, in the old fashioned way) and lyrics writing. The aim was to respond to the then state-of-the-art of auteur music. At the end of each day, in a unified classroom a conversation with a great tutor. And in addition, for the most interesting and deserving student, -in the opinion of the tutors and Mario Cianchi (A&R publishing of Sugar)-, a publishing contract with Sugar Music Publishing.

Three exhibitions could be visited in Taranto during the 2021 edition of Medimex: “Pictures of You”, curated by Circolo Fotografico Il Castello, in the Municipal Gallery of the Aragonese Castle, open from September 15 to October 3;”Kevin Cummins – Joy Division and Beyond“, curated by ONO contemporary art, hosted by the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto MArTA from September 15, 2021 to January 23, 2022. E, ancora “Musica di Carta – 60 anni di giornali musicali“, an exhibition of Italian and international music magazines collected by Ernesto Assante, hosted by the University of Taranto from September 16 to 19, 2021.

In addition, the Aragonese Castle of Taranto hosted from 15 to 18 September 2021 the artistic-musical installation entitled 3D Waves, a three-dimensional work by Hermes Mangialardo, video mapping curated by Valentina Iacovelli and produced by CONTEMPO Arte e Cultura CONTEMPORANEA.