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Heirs of the Kraftwerk “School” and forerunners of the cybernetic aesthetics of music, Adi Newton’s Clock Dva were born in the industrial “hotbed” of Sheffield where they started with a personal and stratified style to then become the most representative name of a rock/electronic frontline with gothic and metaphysical contours. The shady and futuristic image of Adi Newton has given an identity to and cross-fertilized electronic instruments and cybernetic iconography in a delicate framing of the relationship between man and machines in the age of personal computer. The list of recordings is very long.
Clock Dva’s live show, in a trio today, remains an almost rare example of stratifications and cross-fertilization that succeed in conferring a contemporary touch to an amazing blend made of a shining past and the freshness of Adi Newton’s latest inventions. In recent years the live shows of this historical band have been enriched with images of an evident psychedelic origin. Thanks to Newton’s creativity, the CLOCK DVA’s live show goes well beyond time while still keeping its contemporary nature and strong impact, having quietly found a place of honour on today’s most sophisticated electro music scene. Young producers recognize in Adi Newton a master and still a world-class musician, a refined intellectual who, camouflaging himself in cyberpunk since the late 70’s, has added a cultural dimension to a way of music where he has been able to elegantly place an electronic soul in the great rock and post-rock music “magma”.
Credits: photo by Marilla Fotopolou


Adi Newton: Laptop, Voice
Panos Tomaras: Laptop, Visuals
Maurizio Martinucci: Laptop
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