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7-8-9 JUNE

Giardini Peripato
Rotonda del Lungomare Vittorio Emanuele III

Free entry

Medimex is a peaceful event.
In case of emergency, we invite you to remain calm and to leave the venue following the instructions of the stewards and the police, as announced by the organizers through loudspeakers.
In order to protect general safety, entrance checks will be carried out by the service staff and the police.

NOT ALLOWED into the area of the event

Everyone attending our events should be aware that the following are in place:
holding, distributing and selling dangerous objects and/or objects potentially harmful or likely to cause harm to staff and visitors throughout the (fenced) area of the event is strictly prohibited.
– bulky suitcases, trolleys, bags and backpacks;
– spray cans;
– skyrockets (firework), smoke generators, fireworks, explosive materials;
– helmets;
– blades, tools and other objects that may cause injury (knives, scissors, needles, razors, etc.) and weapons of any kind;
– drinks in cans, glass bottles, metal flasks, glass cups;
– toxic and/or poisonous substances;
– selfie sticks and tripods;
– umbrellas with metal tip and rods;
– laser pens and pointers;
– professional cameras / camcorders;
– flammable gases and liquids;
– animals without a leash and muzzle;
– any other object that law enforcement officers at the entrances may deem appropriate to prohibit.
It is forbidden to display material or signs that could impede the view of other visitors/concertgoers or that interfere with emergency signs or that, in any case, hinder emergency exit routes.

It is also forbidden to park on entrance and exit routes and on any other emergency/fire exit route.

Further information
info@medimex.it — 0039-080 5243000