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8 JUNE 16:00-20:00

via Ciro Giovinazzi 29, TARANTO, TA

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The five finalist bands selected at the Bari semifinals have the task of once again representing, in what has by now become a regular appointment for Medimex and Rec’n’Play, the music produced by the young artists from Puglia. A decisive target population, since the musical choices of the millennials have a significant impact on the music market. Millennials are no longer a niche, but an essential part of the market. They are very familiar with music streaming and are making – among other things – the success of Italian music and of the genres of the urban universe in the national charts. Rec’n’Play is also this: the possibility of celebrating a historical moment. And Rec’n’Play does so from a special perspective, being able to anticipate the trends of a constantly evolving market. “Working with our students during the workshop we organize at Liceo Scacchi (where we focus on subject matters including event organization, videos and new media) we often discuss of these topics “– the organizers say. “Actually, we do this without losing from sight what happens in the social networks, our main channels of investigation. And we can rightly say the way of using the social networks, including Instagram, has a huge and unexpected impact also on the way we use and enjoy music” And then there’s the age factor: “what makes this intergenerational dialogue a bit magical is sharing with these young people the magic of this time of choices in their lives, a historical phase in which change, flexibility and mobility are key words for their life, especially here in Italy”. This is one of the hottest themes of Closer than / The Hellcat, the video story of the winners of last year’s edition of the contest, which will be previewed during the final at Teatro Fusco. At the end of the afternoon of music, jam sessions open to the public, as usual. These awards also account for further opportunities to exchange views and grow: all the finalists will record their own unreleased track for it to be included in Rec’n’Play 91 official compilation. In addition the winner will be the protagonist of the new Rec’n’Play video story.The winner of the special award “L’Acqua in Testa” will participate in the next edition of “L’Acqua in testa International Festival” while individual musicians will be awarded a one-year scholarship at the MAST Music Academy and a week of studies at the UWS – University of the West of Scotland at Ayr (Scotland) Campus during the Songwriting Week (autumn 2019) which envisages intensive training in songwriting. This special award, which has been made available through the partnership with MAST and UWS last year (when it was granted to Mottola-born Cristiana D’Auria aka Vienna2) marks the start of further connections and developments in a project that has always been search-oriented: search for people, for encounters and, why not, talents. The same results achieved independently, once Rec’n’Play was over, by the artists who took part in the contest, are stories to be told, as they suggest the importance of this project as an effective tool to explore the indie music scene of the very young, not to speak of its potential role as a catalyst of energy and awareness-raising factor for the musicians involved: as has been the case for The Pier3 (winners of Rec’n’Play 3, who have meanwhile released two albums and been on a European tour), for Nabel (who, thanks to Rec’n’Play, has created the first all-Italian immersive video clip, Special PIVI Prize at MEI 20154), for Leo Stain (Rec’n’Play 1 and Sanremo 2017), for Francesco Cianciola (Rec’n’Play 1 and currently author for artists, including Elodie), for Stain (winners of Rec’n’Play 7 and Tour Music Fest 2017, recently on stage at Medimex 2019 – Spring Edition in Foggia), for Gaia Daria Miolla (co-founder of Uramawashi, protagonists of The Voice of Italy 5 and working at her own album), for Valeria Palmitessa (currently author at SonyATV, thanks to her participation in SonyATV’s Songwriting Camp at Medimex 2017), for Rosita Brucoli aka Rosita (selected for the reHUB, the music accelerator of the Reset Festival of Turin, which led her to perform with her tutor, Nicolò Fabi). The Rec’n’Play Project, winner of the Silver Lion for Creativity in High Schools at the Venice Biennale 2013, was created by Zerottanta Produzioni in collaboration with the Liceo Scientifico Scacchi of Bari with the support of TPP – Puglia Sounds, Municipality of Bari – Assessorato alle Politiche Educative e Giovanili, in partnership with MAST – Music Academy Recording Studio, l’Acqua in Testa Music Festival and UWS – University of the West Scotland.
Further information info@medimex.it — 0039-080 5243000