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Bari 2013

III Edi­tion . 6–8 decem­ber
The third edi­tion of MEDIMEX hos­ted 80 events. A unique event in Italy: a large music salon for an audi­ence of enthu­si­asts and, at the same time, an inter­na­tion­al mar­ket fair aimed at pro­fes­sion­als.

The third edi­tion of MEDIMEX fea­tured 80 events, 22 show­cases and con­certs of Itali­an and inter­na­tion­al artists on 3 dif­fer­ent stages, 8,000 square meters of exhib­i­tion space at the Fiera del Levante with over 100 booths, 5 rooms for 54 Meet the Author gath­er­ings, pan­els, present­a­tions and pro­fes­sion­al meet­ings with 198 speak­ers from 23 coun­tries. A unique event in Italy: a great music show for an audi­ence of music lov­ers and, at the same time, an inter­na­tion­al trade fair for pro­fes­sion­als.

Dur­ing the third edi­tion of Med­imex, the sec­tion includ­ing the Meet the Author gath­er­ings, the pan­els and the present­a­tions for the gen­er­al pub­lic for music lov­ers and music oper­at­ors was very rich and var­ied. Three days of dis­cus­sions on music anim­ated by artists, some of the most influ­en­tial voices of the inter­na­tion­al music mar­ket, and the major play­ers in music innov­a­tion, journ­al­ists and rep­res­ent­at­ives of the entire music world.

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Among the names of the 2013 edi­tion, Clau­dio Bagli­oni, Fed­ez, Piero Pelù, Francesco de Gregori, Fiorella Man­noia, Marco Men­goni, Pino Daniele, Nic­colò Fabi and Renzo Arbore, all of them host­ing their own Meet the Author gath­er­ing: inter­views, con­ver­sa­tions between friends, pub­lic con­fes­sions, por­traits, in which the artists told the pub­lic about them­selves, their music, their songs, the most diverse aspects of their stor­ies and their pas­sions. Dur­ing the three days, five halls of the Med­imex exhib­i­tion space hos­ted a rich pro­gram of pan­els to dis­cuss music mar­ket trends, new tech­no­lo­gies in music, the pro­spects of a con­stantly evolving mar­ket, the music of the present and the music of the future.

There were 21 show­cases on the three stages set up in the Fiera del Levante: Achili­funk Sound Sys­tem (Spain), Bandad­ri­at­ica (Italy), Black­mail (Ger­many), Bobo Rondel­li and l’Orches­trino (Italy), Cri­fiu (Italy), Diod­ato (Italy), Elast­ic Soci­ety (Italy), Gaïo (France), Hoba Hoba Spir­it (Morocco), Incom­prens­ibile FC (Italy), Lumin­al (Italy), Mai Per­son­al Mood (Italy), Mono­phona (Lux­em­bourg), Ogre (Por­tugal), Redrum Alone (Italy), Rhò (Italy), Ric­cardo Tesi & Ban­ditali­ana Land­scapes (Italy), See You Down­town (Italy), Smadj (France), Temenik Elec­tric (France) and Una (Italy).

Then, on Sat­urday, Decem­ber 7, Med­imex hos­ted one of the Itali­an con­certs of Imany, music rev­el­a­tion of the year and win­ner of the multi-plat­in­um album for the single You Will Nev­er Know with more than 60,000 cop­ies sold.

On Sunday, Decem­ber 8, at the Pet­ruzzelli Theat­er in Bari, Med­imex organ­ized of the most import­ant and pres­ti­gi­ous events on the Itali­an music cal­en­dar: the renowned Tar­ghe Tenco award cere­mony. The even­ing event included per­form­ances by the win­ners of the Tar­ghe Nic­colò Fabi, Cesare Basile, Appino, Mauro Erman­no Giovanardi and the par­ti­cip­a­tion of Manuel Agnelli, Sin­fonico Hon­olulu, Ric­cardo Tesi and guests Renzo Arbore and Vini­cio Capos­sela. The even­ing was presen­ted by Dav­id Riondino and Dario Ver­gas­sola.

The third edi­tion of Med­imex also included pro­fes­sion­al meet­ings for artists and music oper­at­ors. The pro­gram included Face to Face(s) (B2B meet­ings between pro­fes­sion­als), Ment­or­ing (train­ing round tables) and Pitch Ses­sion (meet­ings aimed at the estab­lish­ment of new col­lab­or­a­tions) with rep­res­ent­at­ives of Gla­ston­bury Fest­iv­al (UK), SXSW (USA), Szi­get Fest­iv­al (Hun­gary), Cana­dian Music Week (Canada), Ber­lin Music Week (Ger­many) Euro­son­ic Noorder­slag Fest­iv­al (Neth­er­lands), Exit Fest­iv­al (Ser­bia), Azi­muth Pro­duc­tions (France), Korea Arts Man­age­ment Ser­vice (Korea), Jazzto­pad Fest­iv­al (Poland), Glimpse Fest­iv­al (Bel­gi­um), Byblos Inter­na­tion­al Fest­iv­al (Leban­on), F‑Cat Pro­duc­tions GmbH (Ger­many), Jazz on the beach (Fin­land), Red Sea Jazz (Israel), Inter­na­tion­al Man­agers For­um (NGO with mem­bers in 15 coun­tries), Tel Aviv Jazz Fest­iv­al (Israel), Jazz Fest­iv­al Ljubljana (Slov­e­nia) and many oth­ers.