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Taranto 2018

VII Edi­tion . 7–10 june
First appoint­ment of the new itin­er­ant for­mula, in the city of Taranto, for 4 days of live music, DJ sets, exhib­i­tions, vinyl mar­ket, screen­ings and in-depth meet­ings.

First edi­tion of the new trav­el­ing format, in the town of Taranto, for 4 days of live music, djsets, exhib­i­tions, a vinyl mar­ket­place, screen­ings and lec­tures. This is Med­imex 2018, organ­ized in Taranto with a full pro­gram of live music con­certs which included Kraft­werk, Placebo and Nitro con­certs.

A num­ber of Meet the Author gath­er­ings fea­tur­ing the prot­ag­on­ists of the Itali­an and inter­na­tion­al music scene includ­ing The Sex Pis­tols drum­mer, Paul Cook. The pro­gram also included an import­ant exhib­i­tion on Kurt Cobain and Grunge, set up at MArTA in Taranto. But once again Med­imex was essen­tially focused on the music industry and music pro­fes­sion­als, artists and com­pan­ies and on the nation­al and inter­na­tion­al music mar­ket pro­spects and future chal­lenges. In this edi­tion Puglia Sounds Musi­cari­um, the school of music crafts (with an advanced ver­sion only for pro­fes­sion­als), is back togeth­er with Song­writ­ing Camp, dur­ing which young musi­cians work side by side with fam­ous authors and pro­du­cers.

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Among the curi­os­it­ies, the arrival at Med­imex 2018 of the inter­nauts of the most fam­ous and beloved satir­ic­al web­site in Italy, Lercio.it, with Ler­cio inter­nauts per­form­ing dur­ing the change of stage, and the breaks sched­uled between one con­cert and the oth­er of the artists per­form­ing on the main stage of the Rotonda del Lun­go­mare in Taranto. Funny news­casts, unlikely fea­tures and the best of the site’s con­tent, will take the audi­ence on a fun and hil­ari­ous jour­ney through the news pro­grams. Of course under the ban­ner of “dirty job of the news out­lets.

And then, the event Med­imex Music Mar­ket, organ­ized by PopUp The Sunday, Dis­play Agency, Dis­cip­line, Node, Cool­club, Fiera del Disco SUD Italia: a unique event that has com­bined the world of inde­pend­ent labels to that of col­lect­ors care­fully selec­ted for a trade fair with exhib­it­ors from all over Italy and Europe, togeth­er with a pro­gram of djsets, live shows and con­fer­ences with inter­na­tion­al guests, with a focus on the most inter­est­ing labels on the loc­al scene. “Inde­pend­ent Label Mar­ket” is the Lon­don brand that has brought togeth­er over 300 of the most import­ant inde­pend­ent labels from around the world that sell dir­ectly to the pub­lic their just released pro­duc­tions. Med­imex Music Mar­ket also saw a comeback of the Record Fair, foun­ded in Taranto, one of the largest in the coun­try, with the par­ti­cip­a­tion of exhib­it­ors from all over Italy, includ­ing some of the biggest vinyl col­lect­ors in Italy. The Med­imex Music Mar­ket pro­gramme also fea­tured djsets with nation­al and inter­na­tion­al DJs rep­res­ent­ing the labels hos­ted and pro­pos­ing sets of highly selec­ted music from funky to reg­gae, from indie to elec­tron­ic, from soul to punk, all care­fully selec­ted under PopUp The Sunday artist­ic dir­ec­tion, for very spe­cial brunches and music aper­itif cock­tails.